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Behaviour Insight Consultant

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A greater understanding of human behaviour helps organisations to sell more, work together more effectively, engage at a deeper level with customers, achieve greater employee performance and a whole host of other benefits. Jez offers direct and remote assistance with behavioural insight to organisations across all sectors, worldwide.

Small changes can make a big difference and often result in real impact within an organisation.

Seeking behavioural insight can help with introducing realistic models of human behaviour into strategic decision-making, planning, policy-making and identifying low-cost and unobtrusive ways to model or modify behaviour for the better.

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From simply understanding why your organisation responds the way it does, to advising on the most efficacious strategy to an adopted culture change and from advising on how best to manage or model team behaviours to assisting with changes in policy and communication wording to impact positively on colleague responses - Jez has been invited to consult senior leadership and research teams from organisations around the world, drawing on his knowledge of human behaviour and 12 years experience in the corporate sector to provide behavioural insight.

From pharmaceutical manufacturers to government departments and financial institutions, Jez's experience in providing behavioural insight is wide-ranging. Contact the office today to arrange to discuss your requirements with Jez.