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Supported by glowing testimonials, Rose's reputation is built on his ability to explore complicated topics such as behaviour insight with tremendous honesty, clarity, warmth and humour.

4 different presentations tailored to your audience

Flip the Switch to Extraordinary Leadership

Jez presents efficacious, real-world strategies and solutions solving common problems leaders face, helping to create sensationally effective leadership teams.

Flip the Switch to Extraordinary Behaviour Insight

Jez inspires us to find the gap between stimulus and our response, demonstrating brain tricks and simple behaviour fixes to help achieve extraordinary things.

Flip the Switch on Culture & Context

Drawing on the ground-breaking research of The Good Life Project, Jez provides behavioural insight into the extraordinarily simple changes that can make a big difference to corporate cultures and productive environments.

Flip the Switch on Behaviour in Education

An exclusive keynote presentation for education professionals in which Jez helps educators fuel their passion to inspire and explains the essential principles and techniques of managing behaviour effectively and efficiently.

At a Glance

For over a decade, organisations worldwide have invited Jez to deliver something truly different as a keynote speaker, to critical acclaim: unique, memorable and entertaining presentations for conferences and training events. Using content from his best-selling book, Flip The Switch, he is able to tailor to themes such as: leadership, innovation and creativity, developing higher performance, culture change and education.

For over a decade organisations worldwide have invited Jez Rose to deliver unique, memorable and highly engaging presentations for their conferences and training events, to critical acclaim.

Flip the Switch on Extraordinary Leadership

Leaders are lacking what matters most...

Leadership is, in essence, a relatively simple task - but it's not easy.

Many individuals aspire to work in leadership roles but lack the fundamental skills to ensure that they are effective.

In this high-energy, entertaining 60-minute presentation, based on the content of his best-selling book, Flip The Switch, Jez presents efficacious strategies, techniques and solutions to help create effective leaders within your organisation.

Demonstrating how to apply brain science for business and highly effective principles that can radically improve the behaviour of leaders and those in their charge, as well as real-world solutions for the most common problems faced by leadership teams across all sectors:

  • Inspiring others by inspiring yourself
  • How to develop effective emotional intelligence
  • Developing honest teams by leading with influence
  • Leading and managing change
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Flip the Switch on Extraordinary Behaviour Insight

Ordinary people achieving extraordinary things...

Why settle for ordinary when each of us has the ability to achieve extraordinary things?

Whether greater creativity and innovation, enhanced morale or the opportunity to develop a winning team is of interest, Jez demonstrates the remarkably simple but powerful tools and techniques to help achieve extraordinary results that can be applied equally well at home and at work.

Based on the content of his best-selling book, Flip The Switch, Jez explains simple yet efficacious, real-world tools and techniques, which make a difference on a daily basis to drive higher performance in individuals and their teams.

  • How it is possible to literally “flip the switch” on our behaviour and choices
  • Why some see problems, where others see opportunities
  • How to manage people with inherently negative outlooks (and how to prevent yourself becoming one!)
  • The difference between ordinary individuals, teams and organisations - and extraordinary ones
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Flip the Switch on Culture & Context

75% of children in the UK spend less time outside than prison inmates.*

The average level of workplace absence in the UK is 6.9 days per employee, at a cost to the employer of £554.**

But what if there was a simple way to improve mental functioning, social relationships and physical well-being, which led to healthier, happier and ultimately more profitable workplaces?

In this fascinating and enlightening presentation, Jez provides behavioural insight into how to grow your ideal working environment, with critical insights into the “hot desk” trend, how pot plants and being outdoors improve acceptance in culture changes and the extraordinarily simple changes any organisation can make to improve culture and workplace wellness.

Drawing on existing evidence-based studies and the ground-breaking research currently being conducted by The Good Life Project, delegates leave inspired to collaborate, try new things and with a clear understanding of how simple it is for them to be as excited about coming into work as they are about going home!

  • Discover the impact nature has on workplace health and wellbeing
  • Simple changes to working environments that have radical influence on behaviour
  • Highly efficient, cost-effective ways to manage culture change
  • Inspiring suggestions for improving culture, working context and morale

*2016, Persil
**2015, CIPD Annual Survey on Absence Management

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Flip the Switch on Behaviour in Education

A sharp decline in the overall number of qualified teachers over the past few years mirrors a sharp increase in the number of teachers considering quitting the profession.

Research shows that the profession is more stressed than ever. Something has to be done to better equip our educators and indeed our students, too.

Rachel Orr is Headteacher at Holy Trinity Rosehill CE in Durham: "For me, a great sign of the impact of any training is the moment you see it permeate through an organisation immediately. Staff talk about using and applying a ‘Jez moment' and have been simply buzzing about such a brilliant session".

Humorous, poignant and inspiring, this exclusive keynote presentation helps educators to remember why they opted for the profession and to fuel their spark, in order to help model and change the lives and results of their students. Jez shares efficacious techniques and strategies that you can deploy instantly and see immediate results with.

  • How to handle challenging behaviour
  • Positively modify behaviour for the better and fully understand why students don't do what we ask of them - and what to do about it
  • A truly behavioural approach to enhancing education for students and educators
  • How to shape behaviour in line with individual ability
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The Proof is in the Pudding

99% of delegates scored Jez's session 8, 9 or 10 on a 1-10 scale of enjoyment and usefulness (with 10 being “the best training I've ever attended”)
[Old Mutual Wealth, 2015]

100% of delegates scored their own ability to function as leaders better and with more confidence than before the training
[Audi, 2016]

Are you looking for a guest, keynote or motivational speaker? Although used interchangeably, each of those phrases are actually slightly different but Jez is unique in that his presentations deliver useful and interesting content in an engaging and inspiring way, whilst adding the "wow factor" to any conference.

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Flip the Switch is the essential follow-up to Jez's presentations, exploring the themes and content of his presentations in more detail, with activities and supporting evidence, written in his inimitable and entertaining style.

Exclusive discounts are available on Flip the Switch - call Jez's team for full pricing details and to enquire about specially printed, exclusive corporate editions for your event, or digital e-books. Jez will happily stay to sign copies after his presentation.

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