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Why Are Clients & Audiences Raving About Jez Rose?

It was absolutely amazing and really hit the spot. The pace, energy and enthusiasm was fantastic and you focused on a number of key items. Many of our managers have already given us lots of great feedback after the session. They have emphasised how useful they found the content, how much they enjoyed it and how much they appreciated your informal, enthusiastic and humorous presentation style.
Sarah, Human Resources Director, Sodexo
Thank you for making us think, and laugh; for taking our conference to a next level (up that is). You were amazing and absolutely spot on. Big thank you - a 6 star top performance.
Joanna, Managing Director, Philips UK
Having hosted a large number of conferences and events I understand how critical it is to have the perfect blend of speakers and motivational / inspirational guests. I have to say that Jez tops the bill and was an outstanding component of the essensys conference this year. His delivery was unique, hilarious, purposeful and was received fantastically by EVERYONE I spoke to. I cannot recommend Jez highly enough.....superb
Michael, Managing Director, essensys
Everyone is still raving about you and asking for more! I have never known anyone to be so inspirational and able to appeal to everyone in the room. I have already started to implement changes based on how I work. Thank you for quite simply 'getting us' and understanding our needs.
Debbie, Learning and Development Manager, UK Pharmaceutical Company
We really could not have done this ourselves, or I think with anyone else. What you have brought to the team is unique and has been received in such a positive and uplifting way... We really couldn't have hoped for more.
Tracey, Human Resources Director, Old Mutual Wealth
Jez's performance yesterday was brilliant. The whole team really enjoyed his presentation... from sales guys to admin staff, I think everyone took something away from it.
Shelley, Assistant to Managing Director, Vision PLC
I had the great pleasure of working with Jez on a customer service focused road show which took place over 6 event days. He kept the audience engaged the entire time, with them hanging on to his every word. You could feel the buzz in the room! All of the delegates left the session energised and full of smiles. I HIGHLY recommend Jez to anyone who is looking for a memorable speaker who delivers enthusiastically and with passion. I look forward to working with Jez on my next project.
Gemma, Account Director, KTS Events
With more than 550 delegates in attendance this could be a tough crowd to please, but Jez's unique style and approach really captivated a management team from so many different cultures and backgrounds. Jez not only knows his stuff, but also knows how to get it across in a way that makes people sit up and notice. The most important thing I can say about Jez's material is that after the event people have continued to talk about it and discuss the concepts, in this way he has truly facilitated discussion and added value to our business. Jez also took time to get to know Alshaya and in doing so ensured his presentation was relevant and connected with the audience. If you're thinking about hiring Jez to present to your business, don't think, just book him and you can't go wrong!
Thomas, Project Manager, Alshaya
If I was writing a review for the Daily Mail I would be saying "Brilliant, Pure Magic and perfectly crafted, a must see, 5 Huge Stars". It is without doubt I will be attending more of Jez's seminars and look forward to another stunning performance and roller coaster learning experience.
David, Managing Director, APC Solutions
Jez, your energy and passion is profound and respected between the Unitron team and its Unite members. Over the years I have had the pleasure of working alongside some brilliant minds in the field of sales and customer service, however, never with someone that takes such a refreshing out of the box approach as you do. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Chris, Managing Director, Unitron
I have been fortunate enough to work with lots of external providers over the years and I have learnt something from each of them but I don't think I have had quite so much fun in learning and working with a partner company ever! So Jez, quite genuinely, thank you!
Penny, Head of OD, Culture and Transformation, Old Mutual Wealth
I have worked with Jez in the role of both guest speaker and host. He is a joy to work with, bringing a wonderful combination of both intelligence and humour to his role. Jez spends time to get to the heart of the client's objectives, tailoring his delivery to capture the right messages that address the needs of the audience. I would recommend Jez without hesitation, he thinks on his feet, embraces the last minute changes typical to any live event, and is committed to ensure your audience leaves energised, motivated and inspired.
Catherine, Managing Director, Catherine Turner Events
Working alongside Jez has been a breath of fresh air. He has brought new, energetic ways to exhibit behavioural change in our organisation and hone our selling skills. The feedback we have received has been fantastic; the delegates loved his
delivery style, making it fun and interesting and useable, with many of them taking his techniques and implementing them... we have so many requests for him to attend other meetings and everyone always leaves wanting more
Lindsey, Training Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim
Lindsay Brown
I have NEVER seen or heard a presentation like it in my life! Jez is incredible, his energy is infectious, he's like Michael McIntyre on speed! I'm an avid 'note taker' at these events because I forget things easily, however I made no notes as I couldn't take my eyes off the stage yet I have remembered all the key points (even how to recite the alphabet backwards - you had to be there!). I'd highly recommend businesses hire this man to give their customer service departments a well needed kick up the backside.
Lindsay Brown, Managing Director, Access4Lofts
Adam Butler
FIZZ! - BOOM! - KAPOW!!!! That's Jez! If you, or your team, are even vaguely aware that you should be doing more to deliver world class customer service then Jez would be an inspirational place for you to start.

I saw him speak yesterday and it has sparked some brilliant new ideas about how I can add a pinch of WOW to every interaction I have with my team, my candidates and my clients! Thanks Jez.
Adam Butler, Managing Director, Adam Butler Group
Ian Prowse
Jez is one of the most entertaining and engaging speakers I have ever seen. I love his 4D stuff, his energy, his passion, his likeability and his message. Having Jez speak at yesterdays event made it even more special and added an extra dimension. If you ever get chance to see Jez speaking on stage - grab it with both hands!

One word sums Jez up really ...... INSPIRATIONAL
Ian Prowse, Managing Director, Vibrant Network
In a word - Fantastic!

We invited Jez Rose to present at an internal event that lasted just over a week for over 250 employees and the feedback was sensational. His forward thinking enthusiastic approach really made our audience sit up and listen. Simple hard hitting facts delivered with vehemence.
Matthew, Service Development Manager, Volkswagen UK
Wow! What an impact you had! Everyone I spoke to loved you - getting the energy right at the beginning was an extremely important part of the success of the day. It is my challenge to improve the speakers each year - I've absolutely no idea how we are going to do that!
Karen, Managing Director, Plan-It Events