Jez Rose

Jez Rose is a leading, award-winning Behaviour Change Consultant working worldwide.

He turns ordinary conferences and training events into extraordinary, unforgettable experiences


What do clients & audiences think of Jez?

He's the teacher you always wanted to have in school

You laugh, get drawn in by his infectious personality and exciting things happen while he’s on stage - and before you know it, you’re a part of his learning experience.

Jez Rose turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Best-known as the UK's most recommended customer service speaker and a leading authority on behaviour change, as featured on television, his passion is to find the most creative ways to make learning and changing behaviour fun. His methods might at times be unconventional, but the goal is to turn ordinary people into metaphorical superheroes - and along the way to create memorable experiences.

You can see more about what he does and how he does it on his new show on YouTube: TBE TV.

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Having seen the devastating effects of dementia close up, Jez has made the Contented Dementia Trust The Behaviour Expert's charitable partner. To read more about Jez's involvement with the charity and how you can help too, please visit our charity page.

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Cast-iron Guarantee Bespoke, passionate and personal. Jez's work is guaranteed for your peace of mind. Have a Crap Day SAVE £5 on Jez’s updated book available here for a limited time. TBE TV TBE TV is the Internet broacast from The Behaviour Expert, featuring free weekly bite-sized videos to help you unleash the power of people in your organisation... Audiences Judge Worthing Show “mind blowing” and “fantastically entertaining” Audiences who attended a dress rehearsal for Oh, Behave!, the comedy show coming to the Connaught Theatre in Worthing on 26th September, were full of ... Contact Jez is looking forward to working with you, helping you to communicate impact and inspire dynamic change in your team. Free Resources One of the best libraries of practical behaviour change information, articles and videos available online today. Not a Member? Take a 60 day FREE Trial of Jez’s members-only club to help you grow and develop your people. 4D Logic makes people think, but emotion makes them act: immersing delegates in the key message ensures they become emotionally involved.
What do clients think of Jez?
Working alongside Jez has been a breath of fresh air. He has brought new, energetic ways to exhibit behavioural change in our organisation and hone our selling skills. The feedback we have received has been fantastic; the delegates loved his delivery style, making it fun and interesting and useable, with many of them taking his techniques and implementing them... we have so many requests for him to attend other meetings and everyone always leaves wanting more
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